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Inducted Withstanding Voltage Test Machine

  • RF08 Mini Series-modular Get Price!

    Service cart for SF6-gas handling of small to medium size gas-insulated equipment.

  • RF051 Economy Series SF6 Gas Handling Cart Get Price!

    For easy maintenance on high voltage switchgear Less than 220kv

  • RF391 Mega Series SF6 Gas Handling Unit Get Price!

    Maintenance device for large and extra large gas compartments.

  • RF300 SF6 Gas Purification for re-use System Get Price!

    SF6 recycling and re-use

  • S100 Micro Series SF6 Gas Recycling Device Get Price!

    Special application Recovery of a small amount of sf6 gas in a small SF6 Gas compartments.

  • RFJ SF6 Refilling Evacuating Devices Get Price!

    SF6 Gas Cylinder to Gas compartments

  • RA912 SF6 Gas Analyzer Get Price!

    For determining the quality of SF6 gas.he RA912 multi-functional analyzer allows the determination of up to seis quality parameters with only one measurement:SF6 concentration (%).Moisture concentration.SO2 concentration (ppmv).CO concentration (ppmv).H2S concentration (ppmv).Option: HF concentration (ppmv)

  • NA1013 SF6 Gas Monitoring System Get Price!

    For continuous monitoring of the SF6 quality.NA-1013 online infrared gas transmitter is base on the internet of things’s air quality monitoring instruments .It used online monitoring for toxic gases, SF6 gas, O2, temperature, humidity, etc. Fast response, high accuracy, with a variety of selectable signal output mode.Passed through the third grade EMC industry test. Compliance with IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication standard, ZigBee communication protocol support

  • Smart SF6 Sensor Get Price!

    NDIR SF6 Sensor 10 years life for SF6 Gas Leakage detection.Measurement principle: Dual wavelength, Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR).Measurement range: 0-50/1000/1500ppm.Gas supply: by diffusion (atmospheric pressure).Warm-up time: < 2 minutes (start-up time).< 11 minutes (fade in finished).< 30 minutes (full specification).Measuring response.Response time (t90): appr. 60 s.Digital resolution (@ zero): 1 ppm.Repeatability: ≤ ± 15 ppm.

  • I.Product Description:HZYRseries induction voltagewithstand test device is used for testing double frequency inductionwithstand voltage of power transformer, mutual inductor, reactor. It also can dopartial dischargetest equipswith partial discharge detector.II.Product Features:1.Can produce 150Hz, 8
    • Audio XL Catalog - ITT Cannon, LLC | DigiKeyGet Price!

      test/instrumentation, transportation, and industrial.. was inducted into the TECnology Hall of F ame in 2007. T oday our.. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (AC) 250V. The world’s most sophisticated video, broadcast, and. recording equipment require audio connector solutions with.

    • Insulated-gate bipolar transistor - WikipediaGet Price!


    • 社内辞書|英語・中国語・多言語の技術翻訳会社トランス Get Price!

      Geer oven aging test ・accelerated aging test for plastics, rubber, etc. ギアがカチッときまる crisp engagement ・crips shift through gates ・positive click-click gear in passing situation, ・shift firmness (vs harshness) ・The gearbox is slick and easy. ・The lever pulls clean and sure in every gear.カチッとき

    • A new approach for synchronous generator terminal Get Price!

      The first line presents the performed test (Test). Reduction(%) is a quantity which evaluates the reduction percentage in the time response and the voltage drop/overshoot.

    • New approach for the modeling of the polluted insulators.Get Price!

      The Radiographic Integrated Test Stand (RITS) is the next generation, inductive voltage adder accelerator being developed at Sandia National Laboratories for driving high brightness flash.

    • Method Statement for the Electric Equipment. - 百度文库Get Price!

      For the voltage of AC withstand voltage tests, see table 1below: Page 13 of 50 Method Statement for the Electric Equipment Commissioning 11250-ZB-NFC-0000-MS-E-0060 Rev. D Voltages of AC withstand voltage test 40. 5 95 12 8 126 (123) 160/180 180/212 252 (245) 288/336 332/368 Rated voltage (kV) Interphase and to earth Test voltage (kV) Isolating.

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