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Plug and Socket Temperature Rise Test Equipment

  • RF08 Mini Series-modular Get Price!

    Service cart for SF6-gas handling of small to medium size gas-insulated equipment.

  • RF051 Economy Series SF6 Gas Handling Cart Get Price!

    For easy maintenance on high voltage switchgear Less than 220kv

  • RF391 Mega Series SF6 Gas Handling Unit Get Price!

    Maintenance device for large and extra large gas compartments.

  • RF300 SF6 Gas Purification for re-use System Get Price!

    SF6 recycling and re-use

  • S100 Micro Series SF6 Gas Recycling Device Get Price!

    Special application Recovery of a small amount of sf6 gas in a small SF6 Gas compartments.

  • RFJ SF6 Refilling Evacuating Devices Get Price!

    SF6 Gas Cylinder to Gas compartments

  • RA912 SF6 Gas Analyzer Get Price!

    For determining the quality of SF6 gas.he RA912 multi-functional analyzer allows the determination of up to seis quality parameters with only one measurement:SF6 concentration (%).Moisture concentration.SO2 concentration (ppmv).CO concentration (ppmv).H2S concentration (ppmv).Option: HF concentration (ppmv)

  • NA1013 SF6 Gas Monitoring System Get Price!

    For continuous monitoring of the SF6 quality.NA-1013 online infrared gas transmitter is base on the internet of things’s air quality monitoring instruments .It used online monitoring for toxic gases, SF6 gas, O2, temperature, humidity, etc. Fast response, high accuracy, with a variety of selectable signal output mode.Passed through the third grade EMC industry test. Compliance with IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication standard, ZigBee communication protocol support

  • Smart SF6 Sensor Get Price!

    NDIR SF6 Sensor 10 years life for SF6 Gas Leakage detection.Measurement principle: Dual wavelength, Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR).Measurement range: 0-50/1000/1500ppm.Gas supply: by diffusion (atmospheric pressure).Warm-up time: < 2 minutes (start-up time).< 11 minutes (fade in finished).< 30 minutes (full specification).Measuring response.Response time (t90): appr. 60 s.Digital resolution (@ zero): 1 ppm.Repeatability: ≤ ± 15 ppm.

  • Production Description:HZWS-509 Intelligent SF6 micro water detector introduced Finland Vaisala humidity sensor with high precision and high stability. It has the advantages of high accuracy and good repeatability, fast test speed, small drift.Product Features:1.Easy to operate, convenient to carry.
    • Temperature Rise Test Plug,Temperature Rise Test Plug.Get Price!

      Temperature Rise Test Plug,Switch , Plug , Socket and Coupler Test Equipment,TEST EQUIPMENT,Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co. Ltd,IEC 60884-1 clause 19.Socket temperature rise test accessory.Household sockets.Test plug with brass pins having the minimum

    • Switch And Plug-Socket Endurance Tester SLT-3 - YouTubeGet Price!

      在必应上点击查看1:347/14/2016· The test machine is designed and manufactured according to IEC60884-1clause 20 and 21 fig 16, IEC61058-1, IEC60669-1 and etc. It is applicable for the switch...作者: HongCe Equipment

    • IEC60884-1 IEC884-1 Temperature Rise Tester - LISUNGet Price!

      Temperature Rise Tester is designed and manufactured according to IEC60884-1, IEC884-1, GB2099.1-2008 and other relevant standard of electrical accessories. Applied to test electrical accessories heating conditions when connected to load current, whether the temperature rise of electrode is compliance with standard requirement or not.

    • Temperature Rise Testing Video - Interpower CorporationGet Price!

      Both IEC 60320-1 (appliance couplers) section 21 and IEC 60884-1 (plugs and sockets) section 19 require temperature rise testing. IEC 60320-1 requires testing for 1 hour at 1.25 times rated current (e.g. 10A connector tested at 12.5A), and the temperature rise of the terminals and contacts is not to exceed 45K. The test of IEC 60884-1 is similar, but is conducted at rated current, or per test.

    • Switch Life Tester on sales of page 3 - Quality Switch.Get Price!

      12V Switch Life Tester IEC 60884-1 Figure 44 Plug Pins Temperature Rise Test Apparatus 6 Stations Contact Now Plug Socket - Outlet 100N Test Device For Testing Non - Solid Pins IEC 60884-1 Figure 14

    • Switch Life Tester on sales of page 2 - Quality Switch.Get Price!

      Sinuo Switch Life Tester Mexican Temperature Rise Test Plugs With Brass Pins IEC 60884-1 Chapter 19 BS1363 Contact Now Body Plug Pin Fixation Verifying Test Apparatus Figure 30 IEC60884 Clause 24.10

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